Vicki GustafsonAt the young age of twenty-one, on February 5, 1977, Vicki married the love of her life, Jay Gustafson. Two years later, Jay answered the call to serve and began his lifelong career in law enforcement. Vicki became an entrepreneur. While pursuing their careers, they raised three children and are now the proud grandparents of five beautiful grandchildren.

While her children were young, Vicki volunteered at the children’s schools, was active in their church, and participated in leadership positions.

Vicki’s entrepreneurial spirit led her to own three successful businesses. Most notably, she created and was the CEO of A Touch of Joy, Inc., at Westbury Manor; a wedding and catering business for over a decade. Vicki next pursued social selling to satisfy her desire to continue as an active parent, work around her husband’s police schedule, and work with women. Finally, she recently retired after sixteen years as a Cabi stylist. Over twenty-five years in the industry, she achieved countless awards in sales and leadership. These skills led her to be on leadership panels, keynote speaker, and hold influential positions for many years.

Her desire for leading and coaching women eventually guided her to attain certifications as a Christian Life Coach and a Professional Life Coach from the Professional Christian Coaching and Counseling Academy—part of Anew University. She received professional training from 3 renowned coaches.

 Vicki now specializes in helping law enforcement officer’s wives with their life journeys and unique challenges. Her insight touches hearts and offers a new and fresh perspective in the world of law enforcement. Vicki is the president of LEOW Insight, LLC, the voice of “Insights from the Heart” Podcast, and the author of His Badge, My Story Insights for Spouses and Loved Ones of Law Enforcement Officers. 

You can listen to Vicki’s interviews with multiple organizations, most notably with the nationally syndicated radio station Law Enforcement Today and The Ticket Radio. Also, at Code 4 Couples, Police Wives of America, and The Police Wife. She has two published articles with Law Enforcement Today titled, “What it’s really like being married to a cop” and “What I wish everyone in American knew about Law enforcement.” Her book, His Badge, My Story, has been gifted by several police departments for their officer’s spouses. Vicki has endorsements from Alex del Carmen, Ph.D. Criminologist, Wade Goolsby, Chief of Police, Waxahachie, TX, and Federal Judge and Police Wife, Stacey Jernigan. Dr. Theron Bowman, retired Chief of Police and City Manager of the Arlington, TX Police Department, wrote the forward for His Badge, My Story.