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Vicki Gustafson

Author, Speaker, Podcaster & Coach

"Fancy titles, indeed. But the ones I treasure the most are, Wife, Mom, and Grandma!" - Vicki


We are so glad you are here.

Vicki Gustafson, Author, Speaker, Podcaster & Coach! Fancy titles, indeed. But the ones I treasure the most are, Wife, Mom, and Grandma!




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His Badge, My Story



His Badge, My Story is relatable and conversational, educational, and practical. Through Vicki’s BOLOs and stories, she offers insights for your journey ahead. You will be “debriefed” with suggestions and given “bullet points” of ammunition to help you understand and keep the faith, which will strengthen your relationship.

This book articulates what you need to be - independent, strong, and brave enough to conquer the villain of worry and fear and recognize a gremlin, aka pitfall, should one or more surface. With an adequate amount of coping skills and your imaginary bulletproof vest, custom-fitted for your needs, you will be armed and ready to tackle the days ahead. You’ve got this!

His Badge, My Story provides police wives with a valuable resource of insights and understanding to deal with their challenges.

BOLO: “Be On The Lookout” to recognize and appreciate the unique challenges LEOWs (law enforcement officers' wives) can face because of his badge.
It captures every emotion, fear, and insecurity harbored by those who love and support men in blue and does it with grace, strength, humor, and a quiet dignity. Vicki Gustafson reminds us that it is a special calling that beckons us—not just our spouses—to be quiet warriors and supporters and to be a glue that holds things together."
Judge Stacey G.C. Jernigan, Law Enforcement Officer’s Wife
“Thanks to Vicki Gustafson, the term silent will no longer apply to those courageous families that support men and women in blue. In her book, you will find the inspiration, stories, and support that many of these families need and have shared with each other over the years. I strongly recommend that you read it in order to understand their hard realities. It will be then that we will no longer refer to these families as being silent but instead call them ‘heroes’—a title they all deserve!”
Alex del Carmen, Ph.D, Criminologist
“There are few who are in a better position to support the spouses of law enforcement officers than Vicki. After forty years of being married to a man who wore the badge, raising a family, and living out a career as a woman who built life on faith and family, her words will surely be a gift to thousands of women who are in the throes of figuring out what it is to partner with a man in the shared mutual sacrifices of this unique calling.”
Reverend Mike Ramsdell
His Badge, My Story is an inspirational book that reminds law enforcement officer families of the importance of relying on God to strengthen marriages. While reading this book, my wife and I were able to relate to many of the chapters. It gave us a sense of comfort knowing we are not alone in some of the challenges we have faced. This book was an amazing tool to help us both understand the value of faith, communication, and support in our daily lives.”
Sergeant Travis Waybourn, Mansfield Police Department
“Vicki is not only a compassionate writer and law enforcement officer’s wife. She is also a gifted entrepreneur, business leader, and life coach who generously uses her lifetime of experiences to mentor, lead, and coach others through life’s challenges and opportunities with her signature common-sense style.”
Beth Jones-Schall, Spirit of Success, Inc.
“A compassionate heart, an inquisitive mind, and a desire to serve well are qualities I would look for in a coaching relationship. Vicki Gustafson is a tireless learner and has so much to share. The women she serves can be assured that she has been there and felt the highs and lows of a law enforcement spouse and mother. How fortunate that she has set these into writing in such a compelling way!”
Anne Hunter, Cabi Co-Founder
“It has been my privilege to know Vicki and Jay Gustafson and their loving family for over thirty years. We met when our children were in preschool and Jay had relatively few years behind his badge. I can recall many stories and events and late-night phone call discussions, many of which have culminated in this wonderful book. Vicki began making contributions toward understanding law enforcement wives by being one and living the unique experiences."
Teri Anton
His Badge, My Story takes the stress, struggles, and firsthand experiences of being married to a law enforcement officer and shares them as a journey of inspiration, faith, and love. As the wife of a police officer, I think this book will be helpful to some, comforting to others, and life-changing for still more.”
Carrie Velder, High School Principal (Assistant Principal), Law Enforcement Officer's Wife
As the wife of a retired Secret Service agent and now the mother of a Lexington, Kentucky, police officer, I found His Badge, My Story an inspiration for LEO families across the nation. I found Vicki’s insightful perspective extremely relatable and comforting to the situations and adversities I have faced as the wife of a law enforcement officer and continue to face as a mother of a law enforcement officer.”
Andrea Hazlewood , Wife of retired Secret Service agent and mother of Lexington, Kentucky, police officer
"Vicki has such a wonderful and interesting way of describing things, you find yourself unable to put the book down and saying, "just one more chapter!" Her years of experience during her time as a police wife makes her advice invaluable to new wives coming into blue life, and is completely relatable for more seasoned wives. I highly recommend putting this book at the top of your reading list, you won't be sorry!"
Alyssa J. , Police Wives of America


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