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Jay Gustafson

Jay Gustafson married the love of his life, Vicki, forty-five years ago on February 5, 1977. Together they raised three children and blessed five adorable and smart grandkids. Vicki and Jay are active church members. While at St. Barnabas United Methodist Church, they volunteered as leaders for small groups for a few years. Jay volunteered with the youth program, and Vicki helped with various positions. When [read more]

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Vicki Gustafson

At the young age of twenty-one, on February 5, 1977, Vicki married the love of her life, Jay Gustafson. Two years later, Jay answered the call to serve and began his lifelong career in law enforcement. Vicki became an entrepreneur. While pursuing their careers, they raised three children and are now the proud grandparents of five beautiful grandchildren. While her children were young, Vicki volunteered at [read more]

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“Inside Scoop” to BOLO 1 in His Badge, My Story

  This episode, #3 shares the "Inside Scoop" on (chapter) BOLO 1 of Vicki Gustafson's book, His Badge, My Story. You will meet Jay Gustafson, Vicki's husband, and learn about his history and why he became a law enforcement officer. Some information shared in this podcast is not published in the book! Enjoy, and thank you for listening. I hope you gain insight and understanding of the man [read more]

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